Saturday, November 14, 2015

Stamping in Scrapbooking #4 - Small Victory

Today I wanted to document a moment that may seem insignificant to some, but for me, for Malia, it was huge. Mal is pretty introverted and a little bit wary of stepping out of her comfort zone. So ordering her own ice cream cone when we went to lunch the other day was a pretty big deal. Do you have moments like those? Moments that seem like everyday things to most people but it was a hurdle for you or for your child? Document them.

This week I wanted to focus on using stamps to create an interesting background. 

I used a few wood mounted stamps, some roller stamps and some clear stamps in a few different colors. I think those splatters (from Close to My Heart) are a great way to jump on that trend in a more controlled way if splatters freak you out! (I've linked to some other options below too!)

I added some journaling at the bottom (using the lined stamp as a guide) and stamped "little moments" at the top a bunch of times to balance it.

I can't stop (and won't stop...haha) using my brush script for titles. This time I did it on vellum and I like that you can still see the stamping behind the word "small". Also, if you want to do brush up on your script, check out my intro to brush script class. :)

If you want to see how it all came together, watch the video below or over on my YouTube channel. I've linked to all available products at the end of this post.

Also wanted to mention that I have a new class coming out on Tuesday with my talented friend Irit Landgraf! It's called Die Cut Diversity. To find out more about it, watch this and this. Leave a comment on one of those videos to enter to win a spot in the class!

Thanks so much for stopping by...see you soon!

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  1. This is awesome. It made me think about why I don't very often document the little successes. I think for me it's because I've cut so far back on taking pictures. I think my kids were starting to feel like they lived their lives on (my) camera instead of just living their lives, and they get so annoyed if I try to take many pics. For one kid especially, pictures of him when he doesn't know I'm taking them nearly feel like I took something without asking him. (Or it could just be, you know, teenagers!) Your layout made me feel inspired to scrap a few such moments anyway, without a corresponding pic!