Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Felicity Jane: I Don't Read the News

Hello friends! Yes friends. I consider you all friends. First of all, let me give a huge shoutout of gratitude to all of the supportive comments I received on my last post and YouTube video. You don't know how much I needed and appreciated that! Thank you!

Also, I completely forgot to mention that I've added a new tab at the top of my blog that leads to a page filled with all of my most used products. These are the things I get asked about time and again, so be sure to check it out!

So I have a question for you. What are some of your personality quirks? You know, those things that people say, "Oh, that is so Jen!" when you do a certain thing? Or when you eat something or when you go somewhere or when you say something. There are probably a lot of things you can come up with!

I have another question. Have you documented those personality traits? I've been thinking about this recently and putting more effort into jotting down a quick note in my phone when something triggers an idea for a layout. Today I'm sharing something I don't do.

Yep. I don't watch the news. As the journaling says, it's not because I don't want to stay well informed or because I think the news is boring. I'm just a big baby and the news makes me unbelievably sad. I figure if it's really truly important, someone will tell me or I'll see it on social media. Love me or hate me for it, but it's true and it's part of who I am.

I knew I wanted to tell this story, but I didn't have a specific photo, so I asked my friend Tracie for her advice and took it. I used a selfie and a screenshot of a news website and a stack of newspapers!

I kept the layout really black and white and the design pretty linear to really play up on the idea of newsprint and the layout of a newspaper (not too conformed though, because we all know I can't live without splatters...)

I also used lots of office-y type stuff like tabs, staples, tags, and labels. The Felicity Jane kits have plenty of that. And some really awesome stamps too, which I used as well!

If you want to see how this came together you can watch it on my YouTube channel or right here:

Almost all of the products I used came from my Felicity Jane Kit Club kits, but everything else is linked below!

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  1. Love this layout! And I don't read the news anymore either for the exact same reason. I just can't bear it, so now just pray very generally for all those hurting and suffering and let my hubby fill me in on the really important global stuff. xx

  2. I absolutely love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you wrote on the lines of the patterned paper. This is just perfect in every way - just like you!

  3. I love the layout!!! I don't read the news either for the same reason. I think I have watched most of your videos and have not seen any layouts I did not like. Great job!

  4. Another lovely layout Jen!!! I really do just love your style! I don't watch or read the news either, for exactly the same reasons as you do. I like to know what is going on in my community, where perhaps I can actually do something but no other news!!