Fave Products

Here is a list of my most used products. These are the things that I use a ton. These are the things I get asked about all the time. I use them on most of my layouts. I love it when I find what works. Maybe they will be helpful to you. And just so you know, I have used affiliate links where possible. Let me know if you have any questions!

I love my MUJI pens, and I think love is an understatement. I use the Gel Ink Ball Point for journaling and outlining and I use the black fine tip erasable pen in my planner. So good. They come in colors too, but I mostly use the black. The journaling pen is also waterproof, so it works great with watercolors. For darker papers, I have been pleased with the Sakura White Gelly Roll Pen.

I use all of the following adhesives and love each of them. I put the Ranger Multi Medium Matte and my Scotch Quick-Dry liquid adhesives into 18 gauge and 20 gauge Fineline applicator bottles, respectively. They give great precision and don't clog.

I don't use a ton of paints, but when I do, I use a couple of very inexpensive watercolor sets and gelatos. Gelatos have a texture like chapstick, but they are water-soluble and pretty amazing. And I think it's worth noting that if you want to get great results on scrapbook paper/cardstock and reduce warping, you should use gesso. I use white when I want to blur the background and clear when I want it to show through.

I have to admit that the thing I get the most questions about, I can't even take credit for.  It's the Iris containers that I store my kits in. They are awesome! There is a divided tray that comes separately that is a must have, in my opinion. Nicole Jones actually turned me on to these and they have changed me! I also store my die cut packages in little Iris photo containers. I have pink because the clear were out of stock, but clear are better. I also use this label maker to label all of my storage containers.

I keep it really simple for videoing (is that a word?). I use my iPhone 6 and this gooseneck clamp. For editing, I'm currently using a program called Camtasia because it allows for on-screen recording (capturing what you are doing on your computer screen), but I've used Windows Movie Maker and iMovie in the past.

*Edited March 2016 - I now film most of my videos with my Canon T6i + Amazon Tripod and extender arm. I still occasionally use my iPhone + gooseneck clamp set-up, especially for Periscope and things like that!


  1. I have watch (& enjoyed) several of your process videos and was interested in the adhesive that you use with the FINELINE applicators. I clicked on the above link for the Scotch Quick-Dry adhesive and it doesn't quite match the product appearing in Amazon by clicking on the link. Any suggestions? Is it the same product but with different packaging?

    1. Judy, the fineline bottles are an empty bottle with a fine-tipped applicator that you can add your favorite glue to. They are purchased separately and also linked above. I just put the Scotch Quick-Dry in the bottle when I get it. Hope that makes sense!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yes, I understand that but it is the glue that I was questioning. When you click on the image of the Scotch Quick-Dry adhesive it shows a different adhesive in Amazon. I was wondering if it was the same adhesive in newer packaging or an entirely different liquid adhesive.

    1. Judy, I see what you're saying now! How strange! I honestly stocked up and haven't bought any in a while, so they may have changed it. This looks more like what I use though: http://amzn.to/2cOdCw0

  3. What printer do you use? In your December daily there is a 2 page layout on vellum. I also like the g way the prints have the white borders.


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