Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Currents...

The first Monday of each month I share a little snippet of what's going on in my life right now. What? It's not Monday you say? Well, I kind of got a little excited about Monday's post and forgot. So here you go!

Eating...Eggs and Bacon for breakfast at Snowbird. Philip's family has a timeshare here and each August we come up to enjoy the beauty of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Drinking...Water. With ice. Always with lots of ice.

Watching...Seinfeld on Hulu. Classic Humor.

Reading...Heidi Swapp's touching blog post and joining in with her challenge.

Wanting...bits and pieces of the new Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy lines. Not everything, but some things!

Wishing...for October to come faster! I'm going to visit my friend Tracie in Tennessee and I can't wait! hard. I know I said this last month, but my class is almost ready to launch!

Feeling...Tired. Three cute little girls kept me up all night. focus. I am finding myself easily distracted.

Thinking...hard about something to say I'm thinking about. I can't think of anything. Haha!

Liking...time with family and flexibility to be able to take that time.

Thanks for stopping by!

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