Thursday, February 16, 2012

We're so fly...

Just had to share one of the reasons Philip and I work so well as a couple.  For Valentine's Day, we didn't do gifts.  We did something much cooler and this is a new tradition because it's much more lasting and way more fun.  Philip wrote the 14 reasons why I'm his Valentine, and I wrote him a V-day rap.  Writing things for each other is such a fun gift idea!  Ours aren't too personal to share, so I thought I'd do just that!
First of all, Philip hand wrapped my gift.  He was very proud for thinking this up all on his own.  Good job babe!

Inside he had written:

14 Reasons You're My Valentine

You're my one and only love

I love the small moments when we two are together

You're my favorite branch in our family three

I have never felt this way about anyone befour

You're the fiver in my diet

You're my sixth sense

I love you seven days a week

You do your best to keep me from being Leight

You will always be mnine

You are my greatest tentation

I want you by my side in the eleventh hour

I cannot wait to celebrate our twelveth year together

13 will always be lucky with you

You're the 1 4  me

Love it!  You may remember the card I made for him from my last post.

Inside, my rap went like this:

We have our ups and downs
But they're mostly up.
The glass ain't half full, boy
You fill my cup.

Every single day
I'm glad you're around.
No boy as fly as you
Will ever be found.

It's hard to express
The way I feel,
But I promise you
My love is for real.

So glad you popped me the question
Nine years ago.
Excited to be with ya
Forevah mo'.

Don't judge my skills! Haha!
Have a happy day!  Off to St. George for the weekend, but stay tuned because Flashback Friday will be up tomorrow morning!

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