Friday, February 17, 2012

Flashback Friday...

Here for my third installment of Flashback Friday...sorry I missed last week!  Too busy/lazy I guess...
Just a reminder; my commentary will be in salmon. :)

Sat. The 15th (Maybe) {how very specific of me...I had just gotten out of third grade though, so that makes it summer of 1993, I think}

I was just reading dad's Missionary Journal, it reminded me I needed to write in my Journal so I'm here to do it.     Well for one thing, Bryan is three now! {that's my little bro} He got his picture's taken today.  For another thing one of my best friend's went boating and asked me to come.  I really wanted to, but mom said NO. {this 'NO' is circled for emphasis} I told her I could not come, and now I have no one to play with. Except Bryan.  He is not fun to play with. {I had many days like this because my little brother was so much younger than me...6 years younger}I mean it too.  I really do.  But, I play with him anyways. {no other choice, I guess.  Poor kid.  If I remember right, this was the year that he sneaked out of the house and walked a mile to my elementary school just to see me.  And I cried because I was embarrassed.  Now I have to work for that kids affection.  Should have enjoyed it back then...haha!}  Well I wrote a letter to Mrs. Williams! {this was my third grade teacher that got married and moved away halfway through my third grade year} I guess it was pretty good.  But I miss her. I love her so much.  Sometimes I even cry because she is gone. Vanished, almost forever. {I don't think I actually cried about her being gone.  I just threw this in for dramatic effect} I hope she comes back. I Just Want To Express My Love For Her And HER HUSBAND. {Not sure why I chose to capitalize those words...} I hope Mark treats her good and is like a husband should be.  I hope her roommates miss her as much as the whole Valley View does. {I was way too concerned} Well better play 10 QUESTIONS with dad before he falls ASLEEP! {'ASLEEP' was also circled for emphasis} Well better write one more thing dads not almost done reading yet! Well I'm gonna go show mom what I've written.  Be back tomorrow BYE!
P.S. i saw her in December {Mrs. Williams, I meant.  And obviously I added this months later}
P.P.S. She lives in Gorgia now and its farther away!

who knows when...{but looking back, probably fifth grade, based on who my crush was}
Now I'm really starting to think James likes me! He kept staring at me today: More than usual! Oops! I'm sorry. I didn't tell you he's always staring at me! {Can't believe I left that out.  Who wouldn't want to stare at this:

...all day long?} Sorry but I had to change from pencil to pen.  Well back to James!  I just wish he would ask me to go out with him.  But I'm afraid that that will never ever happen!  But it's only because he's so shy. {How freakin' cocky was I?}  Well, he's not exacly shy, he'd just be too embaresd you know what I mean? {There comes my humble pie...}  I mean, face it.  He actually show off and is funny, all for me! {Nevermind about the humble thing}  I was just gonna put for me, but then it could lead to one problem after another.  You know what I mean?  I will put a picture on the back of this on the very last 'page'.  Look now.

{I cut his teeny face out of my class picture and put it in the back of my diary. Wow.}
Isn't he so cute?  Well if you don't think so you are not my friend, stupid, uncoordinated, and ediot, a jerk, a but hole {whoa.  Harsh}, and so on and on and on and on and on.  You know what I mean?  Today at Girls Scouts, {PS, at the time, I was super embarrassed to be a girl scout.  I thought I was way too old.  I hid this from my friends} we (Jennifer C. Elizabeth M. and of course, me!) were talking about him and Elizabeth thinks he's cute.  Jenny said that nobody in our class thinks that.  And I said "Well maybe thats not true" I said. {Oh snap!} And she goes, "You?" and she started laughing!  Then I said so you like Nic M.! And she got mad and we went up to Nics house and played "basketball" {not sure why this is in quotes.  Was it another form of basketball? Was basketball not a real thing to me? What?!?} and "Ditchum" whatever thats supposed to mean!  You know what I mean?  I don't know how many times I've said "You know what I mean?" {4.  5 if you count the one in quotes just now}  I don't know why I said it (wrote it)  I just thought it and wrote it!  you know what I mean? {I am so annoying}  Oh my Gosh I a m so SORRY! I just can't stop writing that! {I'm sure...}  Well I gotta go.  Bye! Bye!

Hope you enjoyed!  I am already laughing about next weeks entry...hahahaha!

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  1. Oh Jennifer - I am loving these entries! And your commentary makes them even funnier! I've got to make sure Shiree is reading these posts. Keep them coming.