Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash Back Friday...

Hey there!  Back for another installment of Flashback Friday (yes, it's 10pm but it still counts).

Today I am going to share a few entries from both my journal and my diary (boy book).  My commentary will be in salmon.  Enjoy!

Nov. 2nd 1992, Mon. (8 years old) {if you read my last post, this is a year from the first entry.  I'm not so good at the journal writing.  Still true today...}
October forth was my birthday. I had a sleep-over-party. But after that my dad took me some place where I thought I'd never go agin again.  That was Disneyland.  My mom and my broter didn't come cause it wasen't their birthday.  It was fun!  We went on the scaryest rides first.  We went on Space Montain first of all.  It wasen't scary thogh it was fun.  We went on Splash Montain about 3 times it was fun too! We went on the scaryest of them all! It was the Matter Horn.  But I dide'nt think it was scary at all. {I think we have established that I like the word scary.} We went on the stupidest of them all the Catteapiller Roller-Coster.  It was too slow for me!  We went by plane!
{This is my lovely documentation of the occasion. I was pretty proud of the way this page turned out. Haha!  That is me and my dad on the bottom.  He had me decked out in my best, all pink Belle outfit.  Awesome.  This was seriously the best birthday ever.  My dad took me to the airport to 'watch planes take off' (back when that was still okay), and had his friend pretend like she had some tickets she couldn't use.  We only stayed one day and one night, but I will never forget it.}
I got Baptized on October 10th! It was fun! Just incase you don't know, this is how you get Baptized: You go under water in a font and you come up when you go all the way under water.   Then after you come out you get confermed.

New Entry, No Date
This Year I am in third grade.  My teacher's name is Elisebeth James but everybody calles her Lisa. {Don't know why I knew the details of my third grade teacher's name...}  We call her Miss James but soon it won't be Miss James anymore.  It will be Mrs. Williams! Because shes getting married in December!

{I feel the need to interject that a few years later I decided to got back and apologize for writing so sloppily to everyone reading my journal.  There are several of these:
throughout the pages.}

No Date

Dear Diary, we have new next door nieghbors! they have all boys in their family. One of the boys is my age and I think he is cute.  I think he likes me too! {In most of the entries of my diary I 'think he likes me too'.  Sorry kid.  He almost NEVER did.  You saw the picture above, right?}  Well I will see him at church today!  His name is ---------------. {I have removed his name for his/my protection, but if you grew up with me, you will know who this is!}

New Entry, No Date

Guess what? I have a new boyfriend! {I should clarify that 'boyfriend' means that I liked a boy.  He probably wasn't even my friend, so that term is used very loosely.} His name is Jeff!  He is SO CUTE! I think he like me! A lot! {Nope.}

New Entry, No Date

My last boyfriend CANCELED! Who says you can't Dump the old and get on with the new!? So heres the scoop, I'm in love again. his, well I should say THEIR {really?} names are JTT (Jonathan Taylor Tomas) and James ------.  I think James likes me {again, no.}, but JTT doesn't even know I exist.  I mean, he knows he's a hunk and all {Does he? How do I know that he knows he is a hunk?}, but, well he's on a TV show! He is the man of every normal girls dreams! {Ladies...let me know if this was the case for you.} He's on Home Improvement.   Yea Tim the Tool man Taylor, and Al and Wilson and JTT's "brothers".  Well and OF COURSE JTT! {Just in case you didn't know.} Well about James.  I think he's CUTE! and I think he likes me! {I don't know why I thought these boys liked me.  Again, refer to above picture...}  He, well I can't describe him.  He's well, just, perfect in every way! {Don't know how a let that perfect boy get away} 
Well got to go to bed.  Bye! P.S. Should I write him secret admirerer notes or not? Mark here!

Well, that's all for now.  I will post some current crafty goodness soon!  Bed is calling my name!


  1. EVERY normal girl had a crush on him ( JTT ), myself included ha :)
    love it!


  2. Love these posts - keep them coming!
    Oh - and I know who the boy next door was :)