Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Back Friday...

Hello World.  Welcome to my first installment of 'Flashback Friday'.  Every Friday I will take you on a journey to my past.  I recently found my old journals and thought it would be fun to post some entries along with some old scrapbook pages.  I am typing in each entry exactly as it is found in my journal and adding my commentary in this color.  Salmon?  Here we go.

I received my very first journal when I turned 7 years old.  This is the inscription that my Mom wrote in the front:
It is also important to note that at one point, I was writing in three journals simultaneously.  As this story begins, I was only writing in two.  My journal (mentioned above) and my diary, which was strictly about boys.  Today I will share the first entry from each.

Oct. 5, 1991, Sat. (7 Years Old)

FRI. was my '' {I had just learned to abbreviate things?}  I got a Barbie named ARIEL, and Pick up sticks, some candy, a pumpkin bow {wish I remembered what that looked like}, and notebook, I got a lot of other nice things.  My Mom and Dad took me to showbiz pizza tonight. {Later to be changed to Chuck E. Cheese}.  Don't tell anybody but I have a boyfriend! He's really cute and polite. {If I remember right, this kid took me up behind a tree at school and pretended he was going to tell me a secret and then kissed me instead. I'm pretty sure that was the end of our relationship.  I remember not letting me sit next to me on the rug at story time after that.} I wish that I had written this before.  One of the other things in life is nature. {Random...} Tons of animals live on earth.  I guess thats just because Jesus made that many.  And I don't think thats funny.  Do you? {Yeah, kind of.  I guess a few years later I decided that sounded lame and felt the urge to write the following...} I know it sounds dumb (had nothing else to write so I just said that!)

1991, 15 {That is what I wrote on the date line.  WTH?}

Dear Ross
I love  hate you so much.  Your so cute ugly and handsom rude.  And now you love hate me too.
{Apparently I had a love/hate relationship with this boy.}

Want me to tell you another story? OK. But its not about love. {Guess I decided not to tell that story.}

Well. That's all for today.  Hope you enjoyed the first installment of 'Flashback Friday'.  I will be back with longer entries next week.  There is some good stuff to come!

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  1. You're too funny! I can just picture a little Jen writing ferociously in her!