Monday, February 21, 2011

Lately I am...

...watching - Netflix and Youtube through my Wii...and LOVEing it! Why did I not discover it before now?

...wanting - the new CHA releases from Studio Calico. State Fair and Countryside are so delectable! Swoon...

Click the pic to see more...
...inspired by - Jennifer McGuire to do some more stamping techniques. That girl is amazing and knows how to do anything with stamps. I made this card. All the supplies are Close to My Heart. I love the inside (but conveniently didn't take a pic) because it says 'When I'm with you it feels like Home'. I definitely know a few people that make me just feel warm and comfortable. Put me at ease. Don't you?

...listening to - Mindy Gledhill. If you haven't heard of her, you NEED to take a listen. Her song lyrics are so uplifting and inspiring. I have many pages planned around the lyrics to her songs. Including this one:
It's based on a song called 'Hourglass' or 'Life's an Hourglass' about her little boy and how she doesn't want him to grow up so fast. The lyrics on the page read 'Let's fly away to Neverland and give our best to Peter Pan. Don't you turn around and grow up way too fast'. I realized later that the words are slightly off, but you get the idea. Seriously, she's amazing!!! I can't say enough. Saw her live at *Spark* last September and she sang/did motivational speaking. It was awesome.

...making - Accordion flowers and stuff. I like making little embellishments while I'm watching TV (or Netflix, as the case may be). You may remember my painted paper from this post. I can't just sit and watch something. I have to be doing something else too. Last night I made these little beauties. I like making things that can work together, and call me lame, but I also like adhering them to a little piece of transparency so I can easily find them later. :)

...excited - to have a Monday off to have a girl's day out and go to Tangled with Mal (finally).
...waiting - to hear back on some exciting, crafty opportunities!

...wishing - I had the motivation to deep clean my house on my day off. Too bad. Ha ha!
What have you been doing lately?


  1. I am waiting to hear the same!!! Fingers crossed for you!!!


  2. Lovely flowers!! Your Blog is adorable.Now I want to go listen to Mindy Gledhill and make some cute flowers.your idea to put them on transparency is great :)

  3. I just wanted to let you know it is photo challenge time again & I would LOVE if you participated with one of your amazing photos again :)