Saturday, February 19, 2011

The evolution of last night...

Last night we went to my niece Emery's 3rd birthday party. All the girls dressed up like fairy princesses and were having so much fun! Then Emery decided to give us all a little Disney song concert. It started out like this:
Cute Emery singing along to Cinderella. Then it became this:
Emery and Malia singing along to little mermaid. Still cute. :) Then we see Philip on the side doing this:

He obviously wants in on the action. So he starts tinkering with the Cinderella carriage karaoke machine like this: Then the mic ends up in his pocket and he's playing the piano and singing at the top of his lungs like this:
(FYI, there were no more princess songs. It was more like Tom Petty and Coldplay, etc.) Then my brother-in-law Greg decided that Philip needed something better than his pocket to hold the microphone. So he started helping him make something new like this:
You better believe they used a zip-tie to secure that hanger, I mean microphone, around his neck. The end product looked like this:

And everyone watching looked like this:

And that's how our night evolved. It was pretty funny.

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