Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Felicity Jane: Too Comfy...

My daughter constantly amazes me with the most hilarious things she does and says. This story is no exception. I yelled from the living room for Malia to come here and she said, "No! I'm too comfy!" Of course I had to go see.

She was in her bed with a mess of blankets, crocheting. I laughed so hard! My mom had taught her how to do a simple chain and she had been crocheting a ton. I love simple memories like this. The ones that we laugh at for years to come. Those are the everyday moments I love documenting. Here are some details...

I cut the title out on my Silhouette and laid some striped paper behind it. Love the way the stripes look under it!

I used the fabric strips that came in the July "Going Places" kit to make a photo mat and I really like the way it gives a simple nod to the pile of blankets and the craftiness of the crocheting. I love incorporating details like that. I don't know if anyone else will notice, but I love it.

If you want to see how this layout came together you can watch it on my YouTube channel or in the video below!

I've linked all available products that didn't come in my Felicity Jane kits below. Be sure to check out www.felicityjane.com to subscribe to the kits so you don't miss any of these awesome products!

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  1. Fabulous layout, love the colours and the story.

  2. I love this layout. I would like to know the name of the stamp sets you used.

    1. Thanks! All of the stamps are from my Felicity Jane kits. You can check out what she has available here: http://felicityjane.com/collections/all/stamps

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