Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Felicity Jane: Animal Report...

I have to admit that I almost didn't share this layout with you. As I created it, I was in a hurry. I wasn't second guessing anything. I wasn't paying too much attention to detail. The photos were taken at a weird time of day and the coloring is off.

It came out a little sloppy (compared to my normal layouts). And guess what? I'm totally okay with it. Not every layout has to be a masterpiece.

The important part is that I got the story told. And it was fun to use some of the office/school themed Felicity Jane stamps on the layout. That little paper airplane is adorable!

I journaled about Malia's obsession with Seahorses and how she was nervous to give her oral report to the sixth graders. Cute.

If you want to see how this layout came together, watch the video on my YouTube channel or right here:

When I get my Felicity Jane kits each month, I mix them all together in my Iris container (linked below), so this layout uses multiple kits. You can find these beautiful kits on the Felicity Jane website. All available products that were not included in the kits are listed below.

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  1. Being careful about the animals has been the same thing that I am usually doing all the time. It sure is good to have come extra cracklier activities that are meant to keep you busy.