Friday, September 23, 2011


Did you know that today is the first day of Fall? It is my FAVORITE season by far. I just love the cool, crisp, air, the fact that it's 'sweater weather', and the changing leaves. I love most everything about Fall, except for the fact that I live in Utah and our season usually gets cut short by the snow. Oh well...

Anyway, now that Summer is officially over, I have been reminiscing about what made this season great:

We witnessed true love:

We sailed to not-so-far-off places:

We overcame large obstacles:

We turned our backyard into a refuge for fungi:

Abuelita taught us to fly:

We made new discoveries:

We got the good kind of dirty:

It was a wild ride...

...and we have reached the End.

Goodbye Summer. You were good to me....but Fall is still my favorite!

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