Friday, March 25, 2011


I feel like I haven't posted or been 'in the blog-o-sphere' forever. I would like to say that I've been busy....but I haven't. Not really. Malia has been in Idaho with my aunt and cute cousin Annika (who is just a year older than her) visiting my grandparents all week and Philip has school every night. I guess I've just been relishing a little time to myself. I think we all need that. A little 'Me' time. Funny thing is, usually my 'Me' time is spent on the computer and scrapbooking. :) How ironic.

Anyway...while I've had this time to myself I've also been thinking about Mally and Philip and all the things I love about them. The little quirks that make them who they are. The things that I have fallen in love with.

One day, eating lunch, Mally said "I want to use my teaspoon," (at least that's what I thought she said) and she grabbed for a grapefruit spoon. I tried explaining to her multiple times what it was really called, a grapefruit spoon, but she is super stubborn and insisted on calling it a teaspoon. Finally I asked Philip why the heck Mally kept calling that spoon a teaspoon, and he gave me a little enlightenment. "She is calling it a teeth-spoon. Because it has teeth."

Now that makes perfect sense. :) I will never correct her again. I LOVE that she calls it that. Miss that girl. But she will be back from Idaho in a few short hours. (And then I may be wishing she would go back again...)

Speaking of Idaho, last time I was visiting I found this really cool "Seventy-Seven" house number on one of my grandparents neighbor's homes and took a picture. I knew I wanted to use it for something but didn't know what for the longest time. Then, a few months ago it came to me. I have been wanting to do a scrapbook page about Philip for a while (he and I are grossly neglected in the family scrapbook), and I decided to write down Seventy-Seven things I loved about him. Now as much as I love him, it was hard to think of Seventy-Seven things I loved. So it became simply Seventy-Seven things about the man I love. Get ready because here they come:

1. You frequently burst into song. 2. You sleep with your mouth wide open. 3. You love Coldplay. 4. You are the best Daddy ever. 5. You speak Spanish. 6. You are a quoter of movies, The Office, & Arrested Development. 7. You love to wear big, ugly, puffy vests. 8. You think I take too many pictures. Too bad! 9. You like being tickled. 10. You have green eyes. 11. You have a scar on the right side of your chest. 12. It bugs you when I touch your scar. 13. I touch your scar a lot. 14. you have a receding hair line. 15. You were born 10 weeks early on April 4, 1981. 16. You love computer/nintendo games. 17. You play piano and guitar by ear. 18. You do dishes. 19. You literally have a million legos. 20. When we were dating, you scrapbooked with me. 21. You love to cuddle. 22. You have two younger siblings & four older. 23. Sometimes you yell 'Mally' in a really annoying voice. 24. You like to bug me on purpose. 25. You work with teenage brats. 26. You love history. 27. You could eat Taco Amigo every day. 28. You teach Gospel Doctrine @ church. 29. BBQ sauce is your 5th food group. 30. Your feet usually stink. 31. You like tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches. 32. You have a really ugly beard when you grow it out. 33. You love BYU. 34. You call BYU Cougars, 'Cuggars'. 35. You are a milk drinker. 36. You always take the trash out. I never do. 37. You love Life cereal. 38. You usually expect the worst. 39. You are 5'10ish. 40. You sing the wrong words to songs all the time. 41. You are a romantic. 42. Sometimes you take baths. 43. You love hanging out with your brother Thomas. 44. Your name only has one 'L'. 45. You love playing basketball. 46. Your favorite colors are green and blue. 47. Your middle name (Elisha) means 'God will save'. 48. You have a good imagination. 49. You get along well with kids because you still are one. 50. You like to wear layers. 51. Every time you work out, you come home, flex, and ask me if you look stronger. 52. You dance like a white boy. Which you are. :) 53. You bug me to dance with you all the time, but I hate dancing. 54. You like to mow the lawn. 55. You went to Chile on a mission. 56. You don't need glasses, but you want to need glasses. 57. You can't wait until your hair goes gray. 58. You once used silver spray in your hair to see how cool you would look with gray hair. 59. You like the movie 'Tinkerbell' because the music reminds you of when Malia was tiny. 60. You snore. Rather loudly. 61. You lost your older brother Andrew in 2000. 62. You hate my passenger-seat driving. 63. You want a son. 64. You love your daughter. 65. You like chess. You wish you could play Wizard's Chess. 66. You hate/are allergic to dogs. 67. You love Harry Potter. 68. You love movie scores. 69. You can lose your temper. 70. You once threw dice @ a window and it broke. 71. You were a tree-climber as a boy. 72. You like cats. 73. Sometimes you talk in your sleep. 74. Your favorite movie is 'Field of Dreams'. 75. You make a mean omelet. 76. You call my mom 'Mommita'. 77. You are my husband & you are stuck with me for eternity! I love you!

After making the page I realized that these really are seventy-seven thing I love about him. The good and the bad things. Those little everyday things that we would miss about our loved ones if they were gone.

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