Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Bag for her Stuff...

Today when I woke up, instead of getting out of my jammies and getting ready for the day, I spend the morning making this:

It's a cute little bag for Malia to put her 'stuff' in. It may just look like an ordinary bag...BUT WAIT! You haven't heard what it's made of. Sheet protectors and scrapbook paper. Yes. Yes! Super fun and pretty easy. It took me a couple of hours. Here are a few shots of the process:

1. Materials: I used patterned paper (Sassafras, and Basic Grey), 3-4 12x12 sheet protectors, 1/3 of a baseball card sheet protector, and one Sassafras letter sticker.

2. Serger: This is a really old serger. My grandma just gave it to me, which is awesome because I didn't have one...but if you have a larger and/or newer one, it will probably work better than mine did.

3. Handles: This is the part I will probably change next time I make a bag, but they look OK. Just paper in sheet protectors sewn on. Sew them on before you sew the bag together! Don't know how I made this mistake.

4. Pockets: Also sew these on before you sew the bag together. I just cut 3 pockets off of a baseball card holder and sewed them down. Put patterned paper in the pockets. Later I added a picture of my daughter.

5. Inside: The inside is just the back of the patterned paper on the outside (except for the sides and bottom. I added extra paper in to make it match). You will notice that I sewed this bag with the raw edges out. It just works better this way, and I think it's cute because you can see my cute pink thread serged around the edges. Also want to note that it's easiest to sew the sides to the bottom and then sew the sides together.

The dimensions of the papers are as follows:

Front and Back: 12x12
Sides and Bottom: 3.5x12
Handles: ~1.75x12

But think how cute this would be as a little short bag? Or a bag for Easter egg hunts. Or a trick or treat bag made to match your child's costume? My sister-in-law also had some cute ideas - how about making a little Velcro or magnetic flap for the top. Or putting large brads in the top and stringing ribbon through for the handles. So many possibilities!

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